Camp Kwando About Us

Camp Kwando is a privately owned lodge

The shareholders are mainly Swiss. They fell in love with this area and are willing to do their best to help and contribute to a sustainable development of the region.

This is why they signed a joint venture agreement (JV) with the local authorities. The JV Agreement is a very detailed financial agreement that commits the lodge to pay a monthly fee and an annually significant percentage of net revenue to the Conservancy in order to help the local community with different kind of projects.

We also undertook further measures on our own accord

  • 95%+ of the lodge employees are from the local community
  • 90% of the electricity and hot water utilized at the lodge, tents, staff and managers accommodation is produced with solar energy.
  • The lodge undertook and had approved a full EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) from the Ministry of Environment.
  • The lodge is committed to use as much as possible natural and locally purchased material.
  • The lodge is committed to purchase the maximum amount of local goods and services from the local community, as well as to develop the ability of the community to expand their production of items the lodge can utilize.
  • Camp Kwando supports local craft producers.
  • We naturally grow as many vegetables as possible in our own vegetable garden.
  • Items for sale in our curio shop are of local craft.

We hope you will enjoy your stay with us. Please, never hesitate to tell the staff or send us an email if anything does not match your expectation! We consider constructive criticism as a source of improvement!




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